In April 2021, Mitsui Sugar Co., Ltd. and Dai-Nippon Meiji Sugar Co., Ltd. merged, entering a new chapter as Mitsui DM Sugar Holdings Co., Ltd.

Sharing the same fundamental principle, even during times of uncertainty with an unclear future outlook, of making everyone's life better thanks to diversified values and environmental changes, these two companies will, in line with the basic management strategy of Mitsui DM Sugar Holdings, collect and redistribute their respective management resources to leap forward together as a corporate group equipped with a robust revenue base and growth potential.

In January 2021, Mitsui Sugar Co., Ltd. and Dai-Nippon Meiji Sugar Co., Ltd. signed a capital and business alliance agreement with Nippon Beet Sugar Manufacturing Co., Ltd. With this alliance, Hokkaido Sugar Co., Ltd., our group company, and Nippon Beet Sugar Manufacturing will integrate their respective areas of strength to further increase their overall corporate value while exploring the ideal Japanese sugar production/trade system for the future.

Our group's business is centered around delivering sugar, a universal product created from nature's blessings, to families. In our business practice we have placed priority on safety and reliability, the criteria naturally expected of food. Now, in addition to safety and reliability, our goal is to also deliver smiles and happiness through a diet using our products in many forms.

We will offer not only sugar, which is a good source of energy, but also food materials that are functional for specific health conditions or that deepen and widen flavors. Through diet, we will also propose energy sources that match the demand of ever-changing lifestyles and different life stages. By doing all these, we envision that our company in the future will contribute to realization of One Table, the concept in which everyone, young and old, chooses a meal that matches their needs and at the same time shares the same dinner table with smiles on their faces.

It has been over a century since the inception of the company that was our predecessor. With a fresh mindset, our group as a whole will continue to explore new possibilities so that we can support people, society, and the environment in the century ahead. We look forward to your understanding and support.

Taku Morimoto
President & CEO
Mitsui DM Sugar Holdings Co., Ltd.